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  • Millennials and the Church

    Scissors + Glue || Church from Envision on Vimeo. Interesting take on the church and millennials. Hope you enjoy.

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  • My First Year in College Ministry | 5 Takeaways

    Dakota Logan (I get the pleasure of working alongside of and shepherding many talent young adults called to ministry. Every so often I get to hang onto one of them. I asked Dakota to share his insight from his first year. Enjoy. -Brian) Being a true greenhorn in ministry, in a year’s time I have […]

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  • Top 3 Ways To Assess Your Current Semester

    Brian Owen How do you assess how your ministry is currently doing? For many the semester has been in session for a little over a month. As the semester progresses we get caught up sermon prepping, doing one-on-one, and planning outreach events that we forget to assess how we are doing. I don’t think this needs to […]

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