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  • Consider the Lilies: 3 Ways to Make Reflective Disciples

    Michael McEwen The late David Foster Wallace was notoriously clever of inviting his readers into the practice of “participation over spectatorship.” He could take the most mundane elements of the world, such as a lobster, and provoke your imagination to partake in a larger cosmic conversation. He was a reflective artist who left his audience […]

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  • Why Does God Hide?

    Paul Gould Philosophers like to talk about the problem of divine hiddenness. Usually the problem is couched as a threat to God’s existence: If God existed he would make himself obvious. God is not obvious. Therefore, God doesn’t exist. I don’t think the argument succeeds. The fact is that God has revealed himself sufficiently for […]

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  • 3 Types of Posture in Ministry

    Now before you think I’m suggesting you “sit up straighter” in ministry, read on. I recently heard a local pastor’s challenge to examine our language in ministry leadership. He asked us if our vernacular was more informative or collaborative and how this impacted those we minister to. As I reflected on this extremely profitable exercise, […]

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