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  • Reading Enlarges You

    I admit it. I love reading books. Not those enlightened by pixels or advanced with the swipe of a finger, but old fashion paperbacks. I love the feel of flipping a completed page, underlining favorite passages, and writing notes in the margins. This year was a banner year in terms of books read and diversity […]

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  • Learning How & What to ‘Sacrifice’ in 2015

    I’ve overheard the same conversation in a local coffee shop, on T.V., and between friends. The New Year is dawning, and before the sun peaks over the 2015 horizon, we must make resolutions. Lord forbid, we miss out. New Year’s resolutions are those determined affirmations we’re planning to attach ourselves to – even if they last […]

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  • How to create a sustainable ministry

    Josh Quade One pattern that I see often in college ministries is the continual rise and fall of attendance over time. It seems like there are seasons of tremendous growth and expansion followed by seasons of slimming and frustratingly smaller numbers. I want to point out that, first of all, “attendance” or “numbers” are usually […]

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