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  • Tip of the Tongue: Why We Resource Churches

    Michael McEwen Ever had a word or name “on the tip of your tongue?” You know what I’m talking about – those moments where you know the word exists, but you can’t verbalize it? We believe here at CollegeLeader that we’re a “tip of the tongue” resource. Those who are looking for the right “word,” or I should say […]

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  • An Open Letter from a Student Pastor to a College Pastor

    Brandon Amick With this summer season transitions and connections with other ministries become even more important. For most it’s a time where you have to work even harder together with other leaders to build “on ramps” on both ends of your ministries to help your people continue and thrive in the life of the church. […]

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  • Top Three Ways to Recruit Adult Leaders

    Brian Owen It is summer time which means the majority of your time should be spent recruiting adult leaders and building relationships with students still around. This is the best time to work with adults, because you have the time to not only recruit, but to train and cast vision. So what is the secret […]

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