Recruiting Adult Leaders

Brian Owen

Adults play an important role in your ministry (or at least they should). The best way to reproduce yourself is through leaders. So what is the secret formula to recruitment? Well there isn’t one, but here are some ways that have worked and how other guys/gals are doing it.

1. Look around at those close to you. By far this is the number one way to recruit adults for college-age ministry. It allows you to be selective about who gets involved. Since a relationship is already established with those around you, it won’t take a lot of work to get to know them.

Helpful hint – Maybe you need to join an adult small group (community group) at your church. Not with the intention of primarily getting volunteers, but it is a great place to observe how wise a potential adult is.

2. Begin to share the story wide scale. You should be sharing the story one-on-one, but you can also share the story at a wider scale. We have sent out church wide emails inviting adults to sit down and hear what our ministry is (we don’t ever simply say, “come lead a group”, because maybe they are not a good fit). In our particular context we only sent an email to those involved in a group (or community with others). If they are in a group it tells us they are healthy (or at least appears to be) and that they understand community is valuable.

Important thought – If you choose to recruit this way you will have to tell people no. I have had conversations with multiple people and had to tell them they are not a proper fit for our ministry. I do help them get connected somewhere within our church, but it is a difficult conversation to have.

3. Set up situations that will allow natural bonding. You must be encouraging your college-age folks to be involved in the church as a whole. Whether that is through intergenerational groups, serving in other ministries, or other church-related activities you must encourage involvement on a wide scale. This can be a great way to recruit adults without much work on your part.

Consider – What is currently going on in your ministry/church setting that you can come alongside of?