Starting the Spring Semester Strong

Brian Owen

The Spring semester is upon us. Here are the top five things you can be doing to get prepared.

1.Print out a list of your students and pray over them. Pray that God would prepare your team for the work ahead. Make a list of all your students (to the best of your ability) and pray over each name. Commit to praying for each one before they ever arrive back on your campus.

2. Make a list of objectives for the Spring. What do you want to accomplish this semester? How are you going to accomplish these things? Gather your team and work through your game plan.

3.Meet with your students who are still around. Cast the vision (of the semester) to those who are there and have them ready to meet new students and greet the ones who are returning from home.

4. Set your dates in the calendar. You need to be able to communicate to your students as soon as they arrive what is happening. Plan a fun fellowship at the beginning of the semester. Work in service projects. Create a discipleship class.

5. Go to bed early. Seriously, the semesters are busy. Get some sleep now.