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Our Mission:
To help people recognize the vitality of ministering to college age people in and through the local church and to assist leaders toward this end through trainings, connecting them to resources and concentrated consulting.

Why Focus On The Local Church?
We believe in the importance of campus-based ministries and work with many and support them in a variety of different ways. We focus on the local church mostly because the local church is way behind in understanding the needs of college-age people. We are committed to helping leaders see how this specific age stage ministry is necessary in the overall structure of their church and in the life-long maturity process of their people. We believe without a ministry to college-age people both are stunted…and even in the most rural areas of our country.

We believe college-age-stage ministry is…
…necessary to bridge generational gaps in churches.
…a catalyst for any church, in any context, in many ways.
…under-valued, under-estimated and therefore under-utilized.

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Email: Info@collegeleader.org

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