We offer ongoing training in a few different ways:

(1) Regional Trainings. Offered in a variety of different cities around the country, these are one day intensive workshops solely focused on the issue of college ministry. For information on what we cover and for locations click here. If you are interested in hosting a regional at your church, please fill out Training Inquiry form [on right]. Chuck or Brian leads these trainings. To make sure you know when and where these events are, make sure you sign up for our free newsletter.

(2) Articles and blog. We simply try to give as much ongoing practical advice as we can. So, sometimes we write things ourselves or we will point you to things that we feel are helpful for the every day trenches of college ministry.

(3) Videos. [coming soon] Our desire is to begin posting short (8-10 min) training videos that are specific to college ministry issues. We hope to begin posting these very soon.

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